Online Application for Security or Investigation Agent Licence

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I am applying for a new licence.
I am reapplying for a licence that expired or was surrendered within the last 12 months.
I am wishing to upgrade an existing licence.
I am only adding Security Industry Trainer condition to an existing licence.

Please choose the additional qualifications you have completed:   Conditions you can apply for:
Certificate II in Security Operations (CPP20212 or CPP20211 or CPP20207)
Certificate III in Security Operations (CPP30411 or CPP30407)
Certificate III in Investigative Services (PRS03)
Certificate III in Investigative Services (CPP30607)
Certificate III in Technical Security (PRS03)
Electrotechnology Training Package (UTE99)
Certificate II in Security Assembly and Setup (UEE21610 or UEE21607 or UEE21611)
Certificate II in Technical Security (CPP20307)
Certificate III in Security Equipment (UEE31411)
Certificate III in Data and Voice Communications (UEE30411)
A Confirmation of Contract of Training Letter (apprentice/trainee)
Certificate III in Mercantile Agents
Financial Services Training Package (FNS04)
Certificate III in Financial Services (Mercantile Agents)
A qualification in training and assessment
No qualification

Business qualifications:  

Currently hold a contractor licence under the Building Work Contractors Act 1995, Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Act 1995 or Security and Investigation Industry Act 1995, which authorises you to carry on business as a sole trader or as a sole director.

The applicant has previously held an occupational licence (in relation to the Acts above) which authorised them to carry on business in South Australia. This licence may have been cancelled or surrendered. Consumer and Business Services may require additional information or the full business criteria.

Hold a current equivalent interstate occupational licence in the same jurisdiction as the South Australian licence.

• Establish business & legal requirements or Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business (BSBSBM401A or BSBSMB401)
• Plan small business finances (BSBSBM402A or BSBSMB402) or Manage small business finances (BSBSBM406A or BSBSMB406) or Undertake small business planning (BSBSBM404A or BSBSBM404)

Develop and implement a Business Plan (BSBMGT or PRSSM507A)

Successful completion of a business, economics or accounting related Degree or Diploma from Australia or New Zealand.

Successful completion of these four modules from the Certificate IV in Small Business Management:
- Cost profit breakeven
- Business finance
- Ownership structures and
- Business law

The applicant is a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange or a subsidiary of a listed company.

Establishing a Contracting Business (EA 102)

You wish the licence to be limited to acting in partnership with an appropriately licensed company or individual